The American Bounty Hunter

The Best Damn Bounty Hunter in The Appalachian & Blue Ridge Mountains.

The mountains of West Virginia are treacherous and unforgiving, so if you plan on going there to hide you better think again. Not only will the bears, wolves, or mountain lions be tracking you, but the best damn Bounty Hunter in the Appalachian Mountains will be hot on your trail.    
You see, when it comes to capturing fugitives, especially those who take to the woods, there's simply no argument about who's going to get there first and bring them in the quickest. The American Bounty Hunter Bruce Veltri was raised in the backwoods of West Virginia, and no one knows the terrain better than he. Veltri, and his crew of Fugitive Recovery Specialists, thrive in the wilderness environment, where all others fail and give in to the miserable destitute that's facing them.  
Veltri is licensed to carry concealed weapons, and is an expert marksman.
   The thing that makes Veltri so Great at What He Does is This:  It's simple, he goes where others won't dare. Dealing with drugged up and armed individuals can be dangerous, people's lives are on the line. However,  being accompanied by a team of seasoned veterans it's more than likely a no win situation for anyone who dares to run. We coordinate with Law Enforcement to be certain that fugitives are safely and lawfully apprehended, taken into custody, transported to the appropriate law enforcement  incarceration facility, and released to jail administration authorities.
Bail Bonding companies from around the country have hired Veltri to capture and return fugitives to jail. If you have a fugitive on the run in the West Virginia vicinity call Toll Free Now at 800-367-0595.